Why Tracy?

Tracy is the first blockchain enabled decentralized solution which helps manage the privacy angle in contact tracing, quarantine management and finally restoring confident and free movement. Tracy also helps citizens gauge the likelihood of having come in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. It also allows collection of primary health symptom data from the citizen users from the app. An authorities app can interact through QR codes with other citizens in the real world to ascertain / confirm health status.

The app enables contact tracing, safe movement and helps health professionals manage pandemic response. It is built on top of MoiBit for saving privately and securely sharing location data.

Contact tracing: Finding out the likelihood of your having come into contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 by using time series location data of positive patients.



Tracy addresses privacy concerns by allowing people to safely and confidently share information without compromising privacy. Task forces get access to location data that is stripped of PII (personal identifier information) and can apply business rules to intervene in specific cases.


Location Intelligence

Uses location data to address pandemic management including quarantine / lockdown enforcement, contact tracing.



Tracy uses data sciences on top of decentralized private datastore, to enable intelligent enforcement between government and citizens, reduce social anxiety, and increase economic activity with targeted/private health support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Nada. Tracy is free to use for everyone. Just download and use it!
Your location history is sanitized before storing it in MoiBit, a private blockchain-powered decentralized wallet authenticated only by your mobile.
Your personal wallet can be linked to the new phone number. No sweat!
We currently support English. All local languages to be available soon.
We have optimized the location data collection mechanisms to preserve battery life as much as possible. Although we have optimized the app, location services do have an effect on battery life.
YES. Please use the app’s symptom checker, designed with the help of qualified doctors.
The app collects your lat-long coordinates for every one minute, to ensure a detailed location history. The tracking feature requires the location services enabled.
Through notifications, and SMS.
Notifications for general alerts.
SMS for emergency alerts any authorities applicable.

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